SmileUrbo in Amsterdam

SmileUrbo returns to the Netherlands

Education, SmileUrbo

In April around 170 students of the Governance and Inclusive Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam will play our SmileUrbo role-playing game. It will be the third time in the recent years.

The purpose of the activity is to let the students, through the simulation, learn to represent and defend a specific role within a certain conflict. After the game, they will have several weeks to prepare and present the point of view of different stakeholders in a real-life conflict that is linked to the use of natural resources.

By playing SmileUrbo, young people can: see that each of the stakeholders involved in the conflict has a uniquely different perspective on what it means to “improve the quality of life”, understand the complexity of these processes, and notice the advantages as well as negative and difficult parts of taking part in a negotiation.

After students in Holland finish negotiating, the number of people playing SmileUrbo will exceed 3.000. Created in 2013 by Smilemundo, it is an interactive simulation game that, through group participation and decision making teaches communication, conflict resolution, time management and negotiation.