education for social change


We are a non-profit organization that creates educational tools for social impact.


Within a process of collaborative work, we identify social or environmental challenges and create solutions for them.


We design and develop tools and creative experiences for the fields of education and awareness building: games, workshops, e-training, web-based platforms...
... and we continue to innovate!


Smilemundo began in 2011 in Barcelona with a desire to stream our passions, technological knowledge and creativity in the development of educational tools that serve to promote social values.

We work from the ground up with every concept. Beginning with the initial idea, through content creation, graphic design, then production, testing and ending with the implementation.

We enjoy working with other like-minded organizations and joining forces to see a greater social impact.  If you are one of them, please reach out to us by email at 



SmileUrbo is an interactive role playing game designed to teach players about real world social and environmental challenges. Through group participation and decision-making, the players learn collaboration, win-win negotiation, and conflict resolution.


Educational Design

Our organization develops ideas from the original concept to the finished product. We design games, learning methodologies, webs, animations and communication campaigns.




Our workshops are always based on tailored-made methodologies. Our main focus is on building capacity in groups to better collaborate - the key skill to support grassroots social change and progressive city-making. We also teach how to design innovative educational experiences using Design Thinking approach.



Since the beginning, we have been co-creating Smilemundo with more than 100 coworkers and volunteers, from all parts of the world.

We want to especially thank the members of our Board of Directors, Mariola Szek and Justyna Tinc, and the Foundation, for helping us to achieve our project take off.

Thanks to all the contributors and volunteers and the work you do to make Smilemundo possible!

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Francesc Bassas - programming
Paulina Maślona - projects
Marta Czuban - graphic design
Andrea Fasolo - programming
Kamila Pydzińska - social media
Joanna Pasjak - accountancy

Carmen Andu, Carlos Andreas, Joanna Bekker, Belén Beloso, Laura Bruna, Antonio Caballero, Nuria Culebras, Paulina Cardinale, Eleonor Crossley, Agata Czerniak, Magda Głowacz, Allie Ground, Miranda Gubbels, Sara González, Liliana Gonzalves, Belén Jarabo, Shawna Jones, Karol Kornet, Monika Łazarkowicz, Carlene Liriano, Leah Mothersbaugh, Liviana Ana Moreno, Alexa Pust, Dani Ramírez, Kelsey Ray, Beata Rybaczewska, Maria Serrato, Danielle Storms, Katarzyna Sulicka, Monica Spychała, Joanna Szostakowska, Karolina Todorowa, Magda Tsartsari, Michal Nassius, Anuska Sampedro, Cristina Sánchez, Clara Sánchez, Matt Sinise, Caroline Quintanar, David Uwakwe, Amanda Wirthlin, Asia Zielińska, Urszula Żurek-Kucharska, Michał Mikłowski, Gabrielle Weininger, Michelle Koo, Victoria Estrada, Justyna Rajtar.

and many, many more who joined us for shorter moments...

Without you it would never work! You rock!


  • Winner

    World Summit Youth Award
    Sao Paulo (Brasil), 2015

  • Winner

    Education and Awareness Building for Development
    Diputación de Barcelona, 2013

  • Finalist

    European Youth Award, 2014

  • Semifinalist

    Reimagine Learning, 2014

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