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New web page & mission!

Crowdfunding, Education

A few weeks ago, Smilemundo launched a new website which is the most visible reflection of the transformation that we have experienced in recent times, especially in relation to the scope and type of projects developed.

Smilemundo began in 2011 with the launch of a platform for micro-donations to raise funds so that small third-sector organizations could carry out their projects. After two years of hard work and having secured funding from more than 20 organizations, we realized that education is the main pillar for the creation of a society based on sustainable development.

Therefore we decided to focus our efforts, technological knowledge, and creativity in the development of educational tools that, through games and innovation, help to promote social values. The first project that we have developed along this line, the game SmileUrbo, has been very well received in the social community, achieving outstanding international awards.

At Smilemundo, we want the path to a more conscious and sustainable world to be fun and exciting. Are you in?