Smilemundo - Foro InnovaciĆ³n Social

Gathering ideas, transforming the world!

Crowdfunding, Events, Social Innovation

Smilemundo was present at the first International Forum for Social Innovation being celebrated on March 8th and 9th in Valencia (Spain). The event is organized by the youth network of solidarity and development (Jovesolides), a non-profit international movement promoting participation and solidarity amongst youths.

During the event, we analysed social entrepreneurship initiatives and discussed the current state of areas like corporate social responsibility, the latest examples of community involvement, and the economics of the common good.

The founder of Smilemundo, Aleksandra Zemke, was a panelist at the ‘Innovation Market’ discussion during which different experiences were debated with the goal of sharing ideas, exchanging resources and encouraging collaboration.

The forum, whose theme is ‘Gathering Ideas, Transforming the World’, is intended to be a forum for learning and the exchange of strategies and with the goal of establishing itself as a meeting point amongst companies, institutions, and academia.