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Carteles Valor Añadido

Our posters in the classrooms of 300 Polish schools


One year after the Added value project started, we are beginning to see the first results of all our work.

This initiative, which we are developing in collaboration with the School with Class Foundation (Poland), Universal Learning Systems (Ireland) and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), is supposed to turn by 180º the way Maths is taught in Primary Schools around Europe.

As Smilemundo, we were responsible for developing the idea and the design behind the set of nine posters with the title: Maths is everywhere. The main purpose of all the materials and tools, available in four languages, is to encourage students to notice and use mathematics in their everyday life.

Each of the posters shows a profession (cook, pilot, artist, fashion designer, etc.) that, at a first glance, does not seem related to mathematics. The idea is to teach students that this subject is in some way linked to their dreams, since it is present in almost all areas of life.

In addition, each poster is an invitation to some kind of interaction: solving a puzzle, performing a manual task, discovering new information…

Thanks to the extensive network of schools connected to the organization leading the project (School with Class Foundation) 6,000 posters have been just sent to a total of 300 Polish schools. And we already know that the feedback is very positive!