Juego SmileUrbo UB

Future social educators discover the SmileUrbo training tool

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Last May, about thirty students of social education from the University of Barcelona participated in an educational workshop based on the game SmileUrbo. The event took place in the practical part of the course called Education for Development and Cooperation. The aim was to enable young people to experience firsthand problems of developing communities. Through the challenges proposed by the game, the students had to seek solutions in order to achieve sustainable human, economic and environmental development.

The workshop was held by Smilemundo’s team, and Frikigames Association, which is an organization that promotes the culture of the game as a tool for social inclusion. The participants were very satisfied with the training they received and appreciated the game SmileUrbo (an average of 8.5 points out of 10).

The main skills that students reported to have improved after attending the workshop were negotiation (52%), decision-making (76%) and teamwork (47%). Here are some of the responses to the question “What are the strengths of SmileUrbo?”:

“Having to work together to achieve goals. Learning to compromise while you are fighting for your individual interests. It’s fun!”

“Teamwork is created and each person defends their individual role even it’s far from who you are in a real life”

“Reflections and emotions that appeared as the rounds went on”

 “To test the skills of working together actively and become aware of consequences of your choices  for the entire community”.