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SmileUrbo Educator’s Manual is now available

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SmileUrbo has a manual specifically designed for trainers. Written by a group of game dynamic training specialists, the comprehensive document not only provides a solid knowledge base on the use of the game, but also the ability to adapt it for different thematic workshops that focus on the development of soft skills.

The manual is divided into two main sections: an introduction to the operation of the game (rules, technical requirements, educational cycle, etc.) and a series of thematic modules; these six modules include Democracy, Sustainable Development, Negotiation, Time Management, Social Capital and Interpersonal Communication.

The objectives and content of the workshops are presented with a guided proposal on the organization of a game, including exercises and discussion topics for the groups, with the main purpose of consolidating what they have learned during the simulation experience and the transference of these skills into real life.

The manual was created in collaboration with the Innowatorium Foundation, with the support of the Erasmus Plus program from the European Union. Thanks to the participation of a number of volunteers, we have had the privilege of publishing in three languages: Spanish, English and Polish.

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