Last May, we celebrated with excitement when we learned th">

Challenging Indifference: Our Erase Indifference Challenge Success

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Last May, we celebrated with excitement when we learned that our Insignia project was selected among more than 120 initiatives from around the world as one of the four winners of the Erase Indifference Challenge. This challenge, promoted by the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation, aims to find and fund innovative, imaginative and measurable projects that drive concrete action to eradicate indifference, foster empathy and promote acceptance and celebration of our differences.

The Auschwitz Pledge Foundation: A Commitment Against Indifference

The Auschwitz Pledge Foundation was created with the fundamental mission of combating indifference to manifestations of discrimination, focusing especially on racism, antisemitism, misogyny, as well as discrimination against migrants and refugees and LGBTQIA+ people. The foundation actively seeks initiatives that address these issues in innovative and effective ways. 

One of the key aspects of the Erase Indifference Challenge is its focus on connecting with younger generations, as their active participation in the fight against indifference is key to change. 

Our Contribution: Tackling Discrimination through Innovation

Our proposal for the challenge was the Insignia project, an experimental group dynamic designed for players aged 14 and up. The objective of the game seems simple – to create a visual representation for a community. During the process several obstacles come along that complicate communication and can turn an inclusive negotiation into a process of marginalization of minorities. 

We are now in the phase of prototyping the game. Our first experiments have confirmed that participants are divided into three roles: the majority, the minority and the indifferent. Alluding to the name of the Erase Indifference Challenge, at the end of the game, we propose an in-depth analysis of the key role of indifferent people in discrimination processes. The game teaches that they are the ones who can stop discrimination and violence.

During the next months we will start the testing phase in high schools and universities. If you are interested in testing in your classroom this innovative experimental dynamic, designed to transform the way we deal with discrimination and indifference, please contact us at