For years, Barcelona has stood out as a benchmark in innov">

Barcelona as a Laboratory for Social Innovation: A look at Aleksandra Zemke’s book “Co-created”.

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For years, Barcelona has stood out as a benchmark in innovation and the implementation of bold local policies. The city has successfully integrated new technologies with a deep social sensitivity and openness to diversity. In the book “Co-created: Social Innovation in Barcelona”, Aleksandra Zemke, founder and director of Smilemundo, shares her experience working in the… Read more »

Smilemundo - eSTAS 2013

We participated in eSTAS 2013

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On the 26th and 27th of June, we will participate in the ‘8th Symposium of Technology for Social Action (eSTAS)’ in Malaga, under the theme ‘Cyberoptimism: Connected to an Attitude’. The event brings together more than 150 experts from around the world in the fields of new technologies in favour of social action and citizen… Read more »

Smilemundo - SenseCamp Barcelona

We featured at SenseCamp Barcelona 2013

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The SenseCamp event, a day of networking aimed at young social entrepreneurs, took place on 27 April in Barcelona. Our Founder was one of the speakers taking part in the event, which were organised with the aim of addressing and debating the key challenges facing the social innovation and entrepreneurship sector. The meeting, which was… Read more »

Smilemundo - Foro Innovación Social

Gathering ideas, transforming the world!

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Smilemundo was present at the first International Forum for Social Innovation being celebrated on March 8th and 9th in Valencia (Spain). The event is organized by the youth network of solidarity and development (Jovesolides), a non-profit international movement promoting participation and solidarity amongst youths. During the event, we analysed social entrepreneurship initiatives and discussed the… Read more »