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Fòrum Nova Governança

The Forum for New Local Governance is born

Development, Smilemundo

The City Council of Granollers wants to promote a space for citizen, political and academic debate around the great global challenges presented by local and democratic governance in the 21st century. The challege in the Forum for New Local Governance is to analyze different issues (the right to the city, technologies and urban innovation, climate change, cooperation and peace, culture and creativity) from different languages and formats.

Thus, it will be organized dialogues with the citizens, open to everyone who wants to participate; conferences, with the presence of national or international mayors, accompanied by academics or scientists, politicians and opinion leaders; and academic forums to discuss results and draw conclusions.

The Smilemundo team is responsible for supporting the initiative, through the design and programming of communication materials. We also participate in it  given our experience in the area of sustainable development in cities, due to our collaboration with the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).