Taller simulación SmileUrbo

A Polish company teaches its employees communication and collaboration through SmileUrbo’s simulation workshops

Human Resources, SmileUrbo

We have recently developed some training workshops for employees in the electronics sector in Poland. Created in 1990 and now going through an expansion phase, the firm has more than 200 stores in 118 cities in this country, employing around 6,000 employees.

One of the departments within the company that has grown the most in recent years is Information Technology (IT). Due to an increase in production and level of responsibilities, there has been some discontent among workers, especially regarding organizational and communication aspects.

Therefore, the area of Human Resources (HR) expressed the need to carry out training to specifically improve skills that focus on cooperation, teamwork and the common good. They decided to look for an innovative and creative solution, different from the methods traditionally used in training sessions.

Finally, it was the simulation game SmileUrbo that was chosen to drive these workshops. Two teams of executive managers played rounds of the game with the aim of collaborating and acheiving the best results demonstrated by a series of indicators, all of which were linked to the daily tasks in their respective departments.

The results were highly satisfactory and those responsible for the training are already planning to include the workshops as a permanent activity, extending it to other departments and employees.

To date, more than 1,000 people – including top corporate executives, international mayors and academics – have already participated in SmileUrbo training in countries as diverse as: Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Germany or Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for an original and effective way to cultivate empathy and collaboration within your teams, contact us and we will inform you about our workshops.