Memoria Corporativa Smilemundo

Check our corporate memory!


Inside the Transparency Portal of Smilemundo, we have just published the last entity´s corporate memory, this is, the one corresponding to 2015. With this document we would like to explain the highlights of the work done during that period, as well as to openly communicate about the status of the economic accounts of our association.

If we had to choose only two adjectives to describe how the year 2015 was for Smilemundo, we would highlight the words ‘challenging’ and ‘profitable’. And if we had to look for a noun that summarizes the most important thing in those months, without any doubt this would be ‘consolidation’.

Because in 2015 we were dedicated primarily to expanding our star project, the interactive role play SmileUrbo, upgrading it and making it more accessible to the different publics to whom it is addressed.

In total about 300 new people from different fields including education, third sector or the business sector came into contact with the game. And thanks to its good acceptance, we could enjoy games and presentations in different locations like Spain, Poland, Germany, Brazil or Sri Lanka. A true delight!

Last year was also an intense year for Smilemundo regarding communication issues. We launched a new website; we enhanced the traffic in social networks (reaching, for example, the magic figure of 2000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook) and for the first time we took the pulse of the media, close to 50 appearances in newspapers, online media and radio.

Certainly it was a distinct year with many challenges achieved, as well as new dreams. We shall keep you informed! 🙂

You can read the corporate memory of Smilemundo here