added value

Discover free innovative tools for STEAM


Within the framework of our project ‘Added Value’, we have organized two free sessions for primary and secondary education professionals in which we will share tools aimed at making the teaching of STEAM subjects (mathematics, natural sciences, technology, biology …) more practical, fun and transversal.

Introducción a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Training program for the Barcelona Provincial Council

Development, Education

More than 4,000 employees of the Catalan public administration will attend the ‘Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals’ course, with the aim of acquiring general knowledge about the 17 SDGs established by the UN, so that they can apply them in their day to day life, both in the professional and personal field.

SmileUrbo in Amsterdam

SmileUrbo returns to the Netherlands

Education, SmileUrbo

In April around 170 students of the Governance and Inclusive Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam will play our SmileUrbo role-playing game. The purpose of the activity is to let the students, through the simulation, learn to represent and defend a specific role within a certain conflict.

Carteles Valor Añadido

Our posters in the classrooms of 300 Polish schools


One year after the Added value project started, we are beginning to see the first results of all our work. Thanks to the extensive network of schools connected to the organization leading the project (School with Class Foundation) 6,000 posters have been just sent to a total of 300 Polish schools.


Working on social inclusion from the board

Education, Smilemundo, Social economy

Most (The bridge) is our latest creation: a cooperative board game in which players must jointly rebuild a settlement destroyed in the wake of a flood. During the game, they must cross the bridge, find the necessary materials to repair the damage suffered and get away in time from the storms.

Mathematics with meaning


Mathematics is still considered by many students as a difficult subject that is vaguely linked to reality, although, paradoxically, many believe that maths is necessary to solve problems, especially problems of everyday life.

Mòdul d'Aprenentatge en Localització dels ODS

Learning Module: Localizing the SDGs

Development, Education, Smilemundo

One of our last projects was requested by the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) who asked us to design a training methodology that could be used by the representants of local and regional governments to locate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Manual Formador

SmileUrbo Educator’s Manual is now available

Education, SmileUrbo

SmileUrbo has a manual specifically designed for trainers, which not only provides a solid knowledge base on the use of the game, but also the ability to adapt it for different thematic workshops that focus on the development of soft skills, as democracy, negotiation or sustainable development.

SmileUrbo Facts and Figures

Education, SmileUrbo

When we started to work on creating SmileUrbo back in 2013, we had no idea just how complex it would or how successful it would be. After 3 years of hard work, we’ve done the numbers, and it gives us great pleasure to share the facts and figures that define our educational game.